for Visual Programming A (Monday 07am) – Object Oriented Programming in C# (with exercise)

OOP or object oriented programming is a powerful and a new paradigm in programming world. C# is one of language programming that support you to work with OOP principles.

for you all, if you take class of visual programming in Monday 07 am, the exercise is like this:

  • you have to input a string or sentence
  • you will get the output of this string in “Alay” mode
  • look at this screen shoot below:

this is a material and the user manual of exercise for your study about object oriented programming. you can click here to download it.

if you do this exercise, you can show your project by:

  • Hard Copy (Source code and screen shoot)
  • show it to: Assistant
  • best before Monday, February 21, 2011 in class

for you, if you do not understand to do the exercise of visual programming (monday 07am) please visit this Thread: #ngacir

get the best for you!




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