exercise visual programming for class J (Friday, 07am)

this exercise is divide by seven  part or step. they are:

  • input the count or size of the array
  • input the value of this array and it also can be contain of String
  • show the original result of array
  • ask and input what character will be replace? (example: ‘a’)
  • ask and input the new character for replace (example: ‘4’)
  • show the SORTED array with NEW REPLACE CHARACTER
  • show the ORIGINAL array, but the string is read from back (example: ‘eko’ be ‘oke’

okay, for example look at this screen shoot below:

for evaluation, please send through mail, your project to:

  • Mr. Indra Septi Tulak
  • in: hack.crack.me13@gmail.com
  • best before 15 February 2011, in the night
  • the subject is: CINTA2_nim

okay, you all are good boy and good girl, I believe you will do this. keep on fire and stay blessed,

with love regards



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